Training Practice

Irwell Medical Practice is an approved training practice in the North West Region.


Our Philosophy

Our reason for developing training within the practice is to enable us to encourage qualified doctors to train within the Rossendale Valley. Thus we aim to ensure that the Valley will continue to recruit quality G.P.s and nursing colleagues in the future.


We train two types of doctor at different stages of their training.

Foundation Year 2 Doctors
Once qualified, all Doctors have to spend a year in hospital. After this they are able to spend several months in General Practice under our supervision and training, giving even those who will become hospital - bound consultant or specialists a realistic taste of primary care.

These are Doctors who are specialising in General Practice and have a 6 month placement with us to gain further experience.

ST3's (Formerly known as GP Registrars)

These are Doctors who have chosen to specialise in general practice, they have undergone further training in hospital in various specialties, after which they train under our supervision in the Practice for one year. After various exams they qualify as General Practitioners. They then have to apply for a G.P. Post.