Care Co-Ordinators & Prescribing Team


We employ Care Co-Ordinators, who are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the Doctors. They do their best to keep both Doctors and patients happy and are always on hand to help and support you where they can. The number of services available to patients at the moment is growing, and will only keep growing. Our Care Co-Ordinators are trained to direct you to the best possible service. As you can appreciate this is a very demanding and difficult job so please be bear with them and be a patient patient.

Shona O'Hara Shona O'Hara Senior Care Co-Ordinator Anita Stansfield Anita Stansfield Prescriptions Lead Abigail Gardner Abigail Gardner Trainee Prescriptions Lead Claire Howarth Claire Howarth Care Co-Ordinator Clare Boulton Clare Boulton Care Co-Ordinator Pia Steer Pia Steer Care Co-Ordinator Phoebe Usher Phoebe Usher Care Co-Ordinator Sharna Richardson Sharna Richardson Care Co-Ordinator Rebecca Evans Rebecca Evans Care Co-Ordinator Naomi Crook Naomi Crook Care Co-Ordinator Demi Beresford Demi Beresford Prescriptions Clerk